FreYourSkin: Why I Chose Belly Jelly & How I Use It

Dr. Jacobs Naturals was a ‘natural’ fit for my concept. Started by my brother in law, Joe, DJN was created to provide families a non toxic, multipurpose, affordable Castile soap.  I’ve been using the product for years now and I literally use it all over my home. Dishwasher? Check. Laundry? Check. Body Wash? Check. You can find a bottle of DJN soap in any room of my home.  When I contacted Joe with this new concept, he agreed on the necessity to provide the same non toxic and multipurpose product for women. Belly Jelly is formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients, which are nonirritating to even the most sensitive skin (MINE!) The consistency is ideal for sonograms, both transvaginal and abdominal. No more leaving the doctor’s office with your shirt stuck to your skin, our product is created to melt into the skin and make it feel super soft. It is made with cocoa butter and Gotu Kola, which are both incredible at reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Additionally, our product does not have any harsh, toxic chemicals that the mainstream products you are currently using or seeing at your doctor’s office. We aim to provide you and your baby a safe and healthy pregnancy without toxins. What you put on your body, goes in your body. During pregnancy we must be even more stringent on what we put in and on our bodies, including food, beverages, skincare and make up. Belly Jelly can also be used for mammography, physical therapy, ECGs, or any time you need to eliminate the air space between a transdermal probe and your skin. It can also be used as a personal lubricant, comfortable and safe for you and your partner. We can’t wait to hear about all the ways YOU use Dr. Jacobs Naturals Belly Jelly.

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