Here’s our philosophy in a nutshell

Traditional castile soaps has been used for centuries for its amazing super clean plant-based ingredients and its multi-purpose benefits that gives the ability for one soap be used for EVERYTHING under the sun for the HOME and BODY alike.
But in today’s generation using the same multi-Purpose soap for your home and also on your skin doesn’t sound so purposeful, especially when over 50% of Americans today suffer from skin sensitivities (that’s a fact) You can’t really expect the same soap to be tough on grime and still be moisturizing and sensitive to your skins’ needs.

As one famous Greek philosopher wisely once said…  “Doing everything means doing nothing well”

We set out to redefine the use of Castile soap by making the
clear distinction between HOME and BODY. After all we are unique and we do deserve better.


Sulfate-free and SLS-free formula for a safe and gentle clean Made with plant-based ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free No palm oil used in production, making it an eco-friendly choice All-in-one soap for household surfaces, floors, and appliances Biodegradable and made with care for your home and the planet