What Are People Saying About Belly Jelly...

I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin, and the first time the Sonographer squeezed the gel provided by the Ultrasound Center I cringed a little, wondering where this would show up on my skin later.  My friend introduced me to Belly Jelly and it was exactly what I needed.  I am SO happy I found this product. Using it makes me feel more like a person and less like a science experiment. I throw it in my bag when I have an ultrasound appointment and the technician always notes how great the texture is so I guess she's a fan too!


Belly Jelly changed my pregnancy experience. I was able to bring it to my sonogram appointment. It was gentle, not irritating, clear on the monitor and enjoyable overall. It was such a pleasure to use in comparison to the usual gel used during sonogram appointments. Thanks Belly Jelly!


I looked forward to every appointment knowing that I would be applying a product that was free of any harsh chemicals keeping both Mommy and Baby safe from any harm.  It was also an extra perk knowing the gel would prevent any stretch marks! It’s not often you can find one product to do it all. Pregnancy is stressful enough, knowing I didn’t need to purchase a ton of products was super convenient. I’m so thankful for finding Belly Jelly and will be definitely using it after my pregnancy!