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Castile Soap



Eczema and skin problems magically GONE

I've been an eczema sufferer my entire life. Not only eczema but a ton of other skin problems - bacne, dermatitis and other things. I've spent thousands on skincare products, soaps, treatments, masks, and acne washes. Nothing ever seemed to work and only excarberated my skin conditions. I have been using Dr. Jacobs for a month now and my skin has MAGICALLY cleared up and some scarring has disappeared. It definitely has to be the formula along with the fact that the products are all clean and natural. I could not be happier, and will be a lifelong customer. Thank you Dr. Jacobs!

Great for sensitive skin!

I have very sensitive skin and have tried many body washes. This is one that does not irritate my skin. There is not a lot of lather, as with most natural washes, but that isn't what cleans us anyway (as we've been lead to believe by traditional washes).This is my go-to body wash and I always have some on hand. And I LOVE that it's all-natural!


I am giving this review a 5 star because I finally found a soap that I love and is completely natural. I read all the ingredients and I was amazed! If you are not completely sold on this brand than do your research on how harsh soaps, hair products damage our skin and hair. Especially if you are a woman, it can affect our PH balance ladies.

In Love with this liquid soap

I have found a natural liquid soap that works for my head down to my feet. Now that is something hard find all in one these days. All I have to say is. that I will forever buy your products. All I ask Is please never change. Also I had to tell my sisters about your products and yes they are in love with your products as well.

I love it

I have struggled with very bad acne for years spent so much money on products that failed. I got the coconut soap and few days 2 times a day my face has completely changed! Hundreds and hundreds of products this is the ONLY one that has worked on my skin. I LOVE IT

Great discovery!

Discovered this in the supermarket. I use it as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. This is amazing! It smells wonderful too! My boyfriend doesnt really use natural products and he stopped using all of his stuff to use my soap. Its great! Wish I discovered it sooner. Its nice to not have bottles all over the shower and just have one.

Changed my body wash

I had always used your traditional, store-bought, generic body washes and never really gave it much thought. A friend of mine told me about Dr Jacabs Naturals and I ordered 1 bottle. WOW! What a difference. I just feel so much cleaner and my wife says I smell better, too :)


I pay attention to what I put in my house and try to buy only chemical-free, organic products. This body wash not only is vegan and chemical free but it gives you so much more than the other castile body washes I've tried, it is thick and does not feel runny in your hands. I will be buying this over and over again and has become the FAVORITE in our household.

Doggie Approved

This scent works like a charm to get out that horrible wet dog smell.


No Sweat!